Summer's here… live life alfresco!

After a fairly dismal spring and some torrential rain, even storms over the past few days and with the EU Referendum Vote having been cast as OUT, we’re still now faced with a summer of sport as well as hopefully some great and sunny summer weather, plus of course the never-ending reviews and analysis of whether the Brexit decision was a good or bad thing. Whatever happens next, you can still enjoy life alfresco!.


So now is the perfect time to start living life alfresco with those hot sunny days and balmy summer nights in prospect. Although we’re not actually based around the Med, we’d all love to indulge in that quintessential   Mediterranean type lifestyle and indulge in at-home alfresco living to the full!


Yes with luck more of us than ever before will be chillin’ on the patio or in the garden with a chilled wine or soft drink and a tasty snack or just as likely, inviting friends and family round for a Barbi or even an alfresco Gastro dinner-party.


With over 120 million BBQ occasions each year, and that’s only one small side of alfresco eating & entertaining, and many more millions of outdoor meals & drinks, we’ve all become a nation of open-air diners.  Gastro Alfresco returns for the 20th year to help, with lots of tips, recipes and advice, plus our travelling RoadShows and of course the support of our brilliant brand sponsors and we mustn’t forget our supporting retailers Tesco & Sainsbury’s. So all in all it should hopefully be a long, hot and enjoyable summer for all – Enjoy!

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We’re Out This Summer?

OK so the EU decision has been made and we’re now in Brexit mode, with many months, if not years of wrangling ahead! Still whichever way you voted there’s one positive aspect, a vote for OUTside, living life alfresco this summer has to be a great bet so even if we’re not going to be part of Europe any more we can still enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle at home, with hopefully some sunny weather in prospect – after all the sun is shining today!

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Our Brilliant Brand Partners

We’d like to say a BIG thank-you to our brilliant brand partners who have once again helped make this Gastro Alfresco activity possible.

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